A Girl Like Me Inc is a (501(c)3) located in Detroit, MI. Our mission is to educate and encourage Girls, Teens, Teen Moms, and Young Moms between the ages of 11 to 25 to make healthy life choices. 

A Girl Like Me Inc. started as an exceedingly small, grassroots effort, with funding primarily from donations, selling t-shirts, and personal investments. A Girl Like Me Inc. looks forward to providing at risk, low income teenage girls, ages 11-17 and also young mom’s up to 25 who may not have any family or friend support in the community with the education, resources, support, mentoring, and basic needs necessary to help them make educated decisions about their reproductive health and their future.

Check out a special video message from our Founder, Tyra Moore!

Meet The Founder

My name is Tyra Moore, I am the Founder of A Girl Like Me Inc. From personal experience of being pregnant at the age of 14 years old in 2007, and nobody knew. I gave birth the same week that my mom finally found out. I did not have anything for my baby but when my mom told everyone, my family, friends and community came together to make sure that I and the baby had everything we needed, and it lasted for a few years. From that moment, I promised myself that I would one day pay it all forward by helping Girls, Teens, Teen Moms and Moms.

Fast forward to today, I persevered. I finished high school, went on to further my education, and now I am married with 2 additional children. Because of my experience, it is important to me to provide a safe space for other teenage girls and girls like me, to learn how to prevent teenage pregnancy but also provide them with the basic necessities and education needed to be a good parent should they become pregnant. #AGirlLikeMe


To all moms that are struggling to provide, don’t hesitate to contact me! Trust me, it’s plenty of us that’s been down and needed help from all the resources. To all girls, teens, teen moms and moms between the ages of 11 to 25 years old, please don’t be ashamed to get help, I’m here! THIS IS A NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!